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What We Do

Financial Aid Program

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio (OCAO)’s Financial Aid Program is dedicated to supporting women across Ohio diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The Program is specifically aimed to help local women with expenses during and after cancer treatment. 

Grants may be given to qualified applicants in the form of gift cards for the amount of $1000 per year to be used for:

  • Food
  • Gasoline for cars

Lifetime assistance $4000 per person. Yearly assistance $1000 per person.

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio grants assistance at its sole discretion. We review each application individually. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of assistance.

Assistance Qualifications:

We offer financial assistance to ovarian cancer patients who meet the residency, and medical qualifications listed below. 


You must be a resident of Ohio. Proof of residency is required with the application.


You must be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and currently be in chemotherapy or other oncologist-directed treatment for ovarian cancer OR have completed surgery or treatment for ovarian cancer within the last three months. You must provide verification of your medical status from your oncologist (see application). 

You may be asked to provide additional paperwork to OCAO in order to verify your qualifications. If any misleading or false information is submitted in writing or by phone, OCAO has the right to withdraw your application, stop all assistance, and take steps to recover previous awards.

Follow these steps below to apply for assistance.

Step 1: Fill out the OCAO Application pages 
Step 2: Detach the OCAO Medical Verification form. Request your oncologist to fill out the Verification form. 
Step 3: Make a copy of your current Ohio Driver’s License, Ohio-issued I.D, or other proof of residency with an address matching your application and include it with your application.
Step 4: Mail or email your completed application and all required attachments to:

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio
Attn: Financial Aid
1550 Old Henderson Rd Suite E-170
Columbus Ohio 43220

Or email to

Click Here For The Application