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In Memory of Ginger Weigel

In memory of Ginger Weigel to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms

Ginger Elise Weigel (Green) was born October 24, 1964, in Springfield, Ohio, and passed away May  21, 2024. Ginger waged a mighty war against ovarian cancer and was a proud Survivor for 7 Years. With the never-ending support of her husband Kim, she went on to fight breast cancer, completing her last radiation treatment on May 22, 2022 .. joyfully ringing the final “Breast Cancer Bell”. Her smile that day was contagious, with Kim, her husband of nearly 25 years by her side.  

Most recently, Kim, was messaging with her and noticed something was off with her responses to him. He contacted 911, and they sent Paramedics to their home immediately and whisked her away to Riverside Dublin Methodist Hospital. Ginger’s cancer had come back, this time to her brain.  Malignant. Neurosurgeons removed the 7 cm tumor and Ginger was determined to get back home, make appointments, and win this next battle. Our girl actually pulled out her own vent and removed her own IV, she was up sitting in a chair, walking around and was home within days.   

Without any warning, our Ginger would pass away early in the AM hours of May 21, 2024.   

This is just ONE day shy of a full two-year anniversary since ringing that “Breast Cancer Bell”. 

I’ve known Ginger since First Grade. I can’t remember a time that we didn’t know each other, or weren’t best friends, even when we drove each other absolutely insane. She’s been my rock, and my soft place to land. I’m not the only person who can say these things about Ginger.  She was the very best friend to many, and losing her has left us all reeling, the wind knocked out of us .. but so grateful that she was part of our lives. 

Another best friend, Julie, recently shared:

My beautiful, amazing, sassy friend. I am truly at a loss for words. My heart is shattered. Your journey wasn't an easy one, but you lived it with the heart of a champion. I am so grateful for your friendship and everything we shared, but I wanted more time. Your spirit was so full of love, light, kindness, and generosity, and your laugh was one of my favorites. 

Thank you for always loving me for who I am, without question or doubt, for always being there, and for singing at our wedding. I pray that I was as good of a friend to you as you were to me. I love you so much, and I will miss you always, Ginger.  

Ginger was always giving things away to her friends and family; smiles, laughter, tremendous amounts of caring, compassion, endless kindness, the biggest, best hugs, the “I love you/s”, the funniest memes, and surprise gifts in the mail for absolutely no reason at all, other than she loved us.  

Ginger was a 1983 Graduate from Shawnee High School in Springfield , Ohio.  She went on to complete her associate degree in accounting and business/management from Clark State College, in 1985.  She enjoyed a lengthy career as an Accounts Payable Specialist.  

She truly loved and cared for her husband Kim.  Planning meals, baking homemade breads, packing lunches.   They enjoyed many driving excursions across the states.  Truly knowing the value of the time, they had together, not taking a moment for granted.  If you had the pleasure to spend time with them together, it was the laughter and sweet banter between the two of them.   A marriage based on solid friendship, respect, and humor.  

Ginger was an incredibly witty, sarcastic, supportive, intelligent, beautiful, and loving soul, always facing challenges with grace and humor: 

10 Facts About Me, 

by our Ginger ~ herself 

1. I could read at the age of 3 and I'm still an avid reader.

2. I love to drive way too fast.

3. Did I mention that I also love cars?

4. There are very few pictures of me, because I'm usually the one with a camera.

5. I've never seen Star Wars (Any of them).

6. One of my hobbies is gem mining in North Carolina. I've got amethyst, garnet, and emeralds that I’ve dug up, had cut and mounted.

7. I'm a pretty good baker, cheesecake is my specialty.

8. After trying smoked chicken wings, I decided I had to learn to smoke meat. It's now one of my favorite hobbies (and my friends like it too!).  Yes we do !!!

9. I couldn't really cook when I got married. Thank goodness for Alton Brown!

10. My eyes change color, depending upon my mood.

Preceded in death by her Parents, Paul and Norma Green, and her older brother, Phillip.  She is survived by her loving husband Kim.  Her brother Bruce (Suzanne) Green of Lexington, KY; nephew, Tom Lipscomb of St. Croix, USVI; nieces: Ashley Lipscomb of Missoula, MT and Kiley Davidson of Los Angeles, CA; her aunts, Dorothy Green of Florida, Gloria Maston of North Carolina as well as numerous cousins.

Ginger also leaves behind several best friends who became the family she choose .. the “Sisters From Another Mister”, our children, who lovingly referred to her as “Aunt Gingerbread”, including Goddaughters Alesia and Patty Petersen. 

She will be incredibly missed, every day, until we meet again.  

Please consider making a donation, in Her Name to this wonderful organization. They provided Ginger and Kim with much needed peace, support, caring, connections with new friends, and resources.  

Help them, to help the next woman.







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